OSBE, konferencë për para-ndalimin e terrorizmit dhe ekstremizmit të dhunshëm
16 Gusht, 2019
Forumi i Përgjithshem për Bashkinë ELBASAN
16 Gusht, 2019

Today we had a special visitor in our office, Professor Nabil Ayad. He is an academic in the field of diplomacy and international governance and also is General Consultant in International Council for Tolerance and Peace. We talked about our activities and contribution on inter-religious harmony and peace in generally. He was very pleased and expressed interest+
3 to collaborate with us in the future.
prof. Ayad coined the term “virtual diplomacy” in 1986 During that time period, he pioneered exploration of information technology’s impact on diplomacy. He has done extensive pioneering work in the area of diplomacy and through his vision, Diplomacy has become a discipline unto itself, and London Diplomatic Academy has been recognized as the world leader in the field.