Who is Inter- Religious Collaboration Center Elbasan?

Inter- Religious Collaboration Center in Elbasan (IRCCE) is a non-profit organization (NGO) founded by the spiritual leaders of the four traditional religious communities in the district of Elbasan, respectively from the Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Bektashi communities.

IRCCE legitimized legally by the District Court of Tirana in Albania, with decision No. 347 on 22 December 2004 was registered as a legal person with NUIS L62906331D. The object of IRCCE activity is "creating real opportunities for dialogue and continuous cooperation between religious leaders and their communities to enhance and strengthen more understanding and religious coexistence in the country and beyond, as well as to prevent individuals part and groups misusing religion to the detriment of society and humanity ". In 2018, the fifth religious community, the Evangelical Brotherhood, joined the IRCCE

Current Inter- Religious Committee

"Faith helps him, to carry this virtue, and makes it useful to others".

sokol lulgjuraj

Since the very beginning of creation our center has performed and continues a series of activities for the benefit of our communities in a spirit of understanding and mutual dialogue in respect of individual and collective values of each.

Strengthens our relations

Strengthen our relations for the benefit of our society and wider District

Dialogue and Cooperation

Brought to a better knowledge of the values for ourselves, religious leaders, which led to increase communication between us and wider than District

March of Peace

One of the most important and highly visible of our cooperation is the "March of Peace"

Religious harmony

We have organized an important symposium “Historic of religious harmony in Elbasan”

Preventing extremism

Awareness campaigns and meetings on the prevention of extremism