IRCCE marched in honor of the victims of terrorism around the world
June 23, 2016
Message of Condolences and Solidarity with the Turkish people
June 29, 2016

General activity

Since the first steps of its establishment, IRCCE has carried on and continues to carry out a range of activities for the benefit of our communities in the spirit of mutual recognition and dialogue in respect of everyone’s individual and collective values. To this end, it organizes, from time to time, a series of television and radio panels to emancipate communities with a view to religion. Various meetings with representatives of all religious backgrounds elaborating topics related to this approach and viewpoint with the motto “faith helps one who carries this virtue and makes it useful to others”. During these years IRCCE has developed various types of vocational training courses as well as cultural and sports activities involving children, young and old, adults and older, representatives from all four religious communities, attending and approaching and knowing each other better.

For the first time in the history of Albanian education, in cooperation with Alexander Xhuvani University in Elbasan, an important Symposium on Religious Harmony was organized in the Department of History and Philology of this university where professors, scholars and theologians displayed the values of peaceful coexistence. beliefs in the Elbasan area and beyond.

All of these activities brought about better recognition of the values for us, the religious leaders as well, which led to step by step increased communication between us and the strengthening of our relationships for the benefit of our County society and beyond.

We have also promoted the values of our interfaith dialogue and cooperation outside Albania, such as in the Albanian areas of Montenegro or in neighboring Italy, where we conducted a promotional tour of our values in some key centers of Calabria and Sicily where this was a closing meeting in Palermo in the presence of thousands of different believers and nationalities.

Also one of the most important and highly visible activities of our cooperation is the “Peace March” that we have established and run every year together with other stakeholders in society such as the education directorate, local government and non-profit organizations proving that we are all instruments in the hand of God to fulfill His mission on earth to facilitate and help the life of all society in peace and brotherly harmony, which motivates us every day and pushes us to become increasingly involved more and more other actors to strengthen this shared wealth.