Starts the Project “Clergy Practicing and Boosting an Active Democracy in Community “
September 4, 2018
2018 activities of our Interreligious Center
February 5, 2019

The InterReligious Collaboration Center of Elbasan now has made a tradition from many years, together with students and teachers, citizens and believers, state and religious authorities, as well as other civil society organizations, organizing the annual Peace and Solidarity March, witnessing more and more the dedication to our respective communities and entire population, with the hope of starting this new year again with a comprehensive co-operation between us.

This year we chose the Theme: “the Policy is a Mission …, Use to the Benefit of the People”, addressing policymakers to reflect under the motto “… serve with devotion and honesty!”

We are coherent not only with all of our activities during the year that we have just left behind, and with the FABUS and FUNDAK Projects for promoting accountability of voters and voter awareness, which we are implementing in some municipalities of our District, but also with The Week of World Ecumenical Prayer and the Peace Message that the Pope has promoted with the High Muslim Clerics last year.

As always, the march started from Elbasan Square Arena where the Coordinator of QBNF Mr. Sokol Lulgjuraj after thanking the participants, explained the symbolism of the theme and the background chosen for this march where “the darkness of political vices faces the virtues and light of the faith of our society that, with the hope that emanates from our love and our unceasing peace, pushes the evil to get rid of our lives.”

Then the President of QBNF dr. Arben Ramkaj, who outlined the essence of this March highlighting the reasons that prompt us to select precisely this regarding the current situation in our country where mistrust towards politicians has touched the lowest levels.

Further Deputy Mayor, Mr. Ervin Saraçi congratulates and praises the work of the QBNF as wellas makes a short speech “Municipality as Elbasan’s Administrator”

Even Deputy Rector of Elbasan University prof. Peçi Naqellari looked at the topic “University for the benefit of education and knowledge for youth”.

Then the march begins along the boulevard that was accompanied by the readings of parts from the editions of this March.

In the first stop on the Memorial of Kozma Naska, People’s Hero, a martyr of the homeland, spoked and reflected the topic “Religion as a Untired Missionary to the Community”, Bishop of the Catholic Church for South Albania, Monsignor Giovani Peragine ccrs, which underlined “In addition to human virtues such as justice, equality, mutual respect, sincerity, honesty, which depend on good political approaches, unfortunately in politics there is also lack of vices such as corruption, denial of rights, disrespect of rules of common sense, illicit enrichment, justification of power-holding violence, etc., which relies on credibility, which undermines the ideal of a clean democracy, endangering social peace.”

“The Red Cross, a model of devotion to the people, “was held by the Director of this organization Mr.Ened Llapushi

In the memorial of Constantin Christophoridhi, pointed to the theme “Faith as Exemplary missionary for politics”, the head of the Elbasan Community of Muslims, Mufti H.Agim Duka.

The Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church for Elbasan, Bishop Andoni, pointed out the topic “Faith – as a value to motivate politics”.

Greeting and reflection “County Council with Comprehensive Responsibility” was made by the President of the District Mr. Bukurosh Stafa

The march ended at “Aqif Pasha” Square where the topic of “Religious Advisory Leaders as Critics of Politicians” was held by the Head of Bektashi Commune Baba Faik Selmani

“God pushes us to do good deeds!” Commented with much enthusiasm by Pastor Ilirian Gjoni, representative of the Evangelical Alliance for Elbasan

Deputy Mayor Klevis Xhoxhi praised the contribution of our religious communities, and in particular the QBNF and its leader. Especially he thanked to the honorary guest of this March, the president of the Albanian Bishops’ Episcopal Archbishop George Frendo o.p. who made a comment and exclamation on “Religion Supports Politics as a Service to the People” but reminding them that they are in the lead to serve.