AGREEMENT with the Dossier Authority

Network of NGOs against Extremism
February 5, 2019
President of Inter religious center of Elbasan Dr. Arben Ramkaj took place in the General Assembly of the Global Council for Tolerance and Peace (GCTP
January 18, 2020

on 04/02/2019, the Heads of our Center opened the co-operation agreement with the Dossier Authority, which paved the way for a number of joint activities but also projects in the field of research, study and publication of materials dealing specifically with  persecution of clerics during the dark period of dictatorship. The Chairman and several members of the Interfaith Committee were received by General Secretary  and several members of the Authority. Dr. Arben Ramkaj signed on behalf of QBNF an agreement drafted and approved by the boards of both parties who were present in this modest but very meaningful ceremony, evaluating this memorandum of cooperation for the benefit of the communities as very important and very interesting by emphasizing that ; “if forgotten, the past risks to be repeated”. As Mr. Simon Miraka stressed that “while the Jews were persecuted and martyred by another nation, the misfortune was that we did it ourselves”. The conversation continued with mutual exchanges of ideas and areas of cooperation from all the participants as well as with a presentation of the work of our Center synthesized by Coordinator Sokol Lulgjuraj.